Water harvesting

Gutter making:
For the project in Wale Wale North Ghana, rain gutters were designed. Only hand tools like tin snipes and ball peen hammer are purchased. All other equipment was locally made by the blacksmith. The gutter material is made from corrugated galvanized roving sheet which is flattened before cutting the strips for the gutters or pipes.
No soldering or riveting techniques are used. The gutters and accessories are jointed by stitching with iron wire.
See: Third report on the development of the Ghana rain gutter, pdf file: Report on the Ghana gutter.

Gutter mounting:
A blacksmith must be able to mount a gutter so he needs a ladder. However these are not for sale so he has to make them.
See: Ladders for mounting rain gutters, pdf file: The Ghana Ladder

Gutter transport:
The blacksmith has to transport his gutters and tools and a bag of cement to the village so a small moto cart was constructed for easy displacement.
See the photos, pdf file: The moto cart

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