The hydraulic yield and durability of the rope pump can be increased considerably by applying HDPE pistons instead of the mostly used car tire rubber washers.
LUDO Engineering has made a small extruder commercially available which can be applied easily in a project.

Supplied together with the purchase of this extruder:
- Detailed photo instruction sheet how to operate the machine.
- DVD instruction video of 20 minutes.
- Construction drawings of the machine in case one wants to duplicate the machine locally.
On the drawings you can find the design rules in case you want to design moulds for other pipe diameters.
- On demand: any quantity of HDPE granulate.
- On demand : Personal instruction in the LUDO workshop.
Moulds are always custom-made because PVC pipes differ in every country.
So in case of order a small part of the rising main has to be sent to LUDO.

For projects 375 € for the machine. For every mould 95 €
In case of private persons the possibility of subsidy is being researched.

The extruder. It can be called also: Manual injection moulding machine or Extrusion machine.
Extrusion pipe, plunjer and moulds are made from stainless steel. This makes the machine very durable. But when copied locally ordinary steels and gas pipe can do also:

The extruder being used in Wale-Wale in North Ghana:

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